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12 Must Have Adventures in Bali

Posted on September 20 2016

12. Exploring the Countryside

Everywhere you look, Bali is full of exotic beauty. Every road trip has an awe inspiring view of the countryside which includes a variety of terrain: junglelike forests, rice terraces, farms, and temples. There is so much to see and experience. This picture depicts a scene from one of our favorite drives on our way to scuba diving.


11. Batur Lake and Volcano

Blanketed with a thick fog, Batur Lake and Volcano offers a romantic view while dining at a delicious Balinese buffet.


10. Fishy Foot Bath

I've always seen and wondered what it would be like...Need less to say, my feet have never been so clean! Ten minutes was plenty of time for the hundreds of fish to do their dirty work. 


9. Ubud Butterfly Park 

Walking into the butterfly park was like walking into a fantasy or a dream. After being served a delicious fruit drink, We walked into a majestic rain forest filled with multiple species of butterflies flying in every direction. As we prepared to exit, we walked into a hatching house decorated with rows of cocoons of all shapes and sizes. To top off the fantasy, we were able to hold a large butterfly that tragically lives for only five days. 


8. Besakih Temple 

The largest Hindu temple in all of Indonesia exemplifies majesty and history. Being led by a guide with amazing insights made this site more meaningful. Be aware, however, that some locals may attempt to hustle. This impressive structure was also a great photo stop.


7. Tegalalang Rice Terrace

In the heart of Ubud City there is the fascinating and picturesque Tegalaland Rice Patties. Walking through the tiered mountainside is an experience never to be forgotten. One can't help feeling amazed at the ingenuity of the locals and the alluring, beautiful surroundings. 


6. Diving a Shipwreck

During WWII, the USS Liberty was sunk by the Japanese. It was originally beached until a volcano erupted in 1960 and pushed it into the ocean. There it remains off the shore of Tulamben and 65 feet under water: home to a multitude of fish and coral. Swimming through a large opening is a fascinating and beautiful adventure. 


5. Ubud Monkey Forest

Beware of the Monkeys! Amidst a forest in the crevice of a waterfall canyon lays a Hindu Temple guarded by cute, but feisty monkeys. Ruling the Ubud Monkey Forest, these eager creatures are known to take what they want and fight for what they are refused. As long as you avoid eye contact, invading their space, and dangling shiny or potentially delicious items, you will walk away unscathed and feeling very accomplished. 


4. Coral Gardens Dive

What's better than walking through a beautiful garden of traditional sculptures? Scuba diving through an underwater coral garden of Balinese statues! Made by locals, these sunken statues have become the home to many fish and coral making it an eerily captivating sight to be seen.


3. Holy Water Baths

Set in the hillside atop of a natural spring, the Pura Tirta Empul exemplifies peace and renewal with the purifying bath. Each fountain sculpture represents a different spiritual symbol for renewal and purification. 


2.  Seafood at Sunset

The best way to start our adventures was a trip to Jimbaran. Not far from the airport, this beach is filled with seafood restaurants offering beachside tables and an ocean sunset. Although this stop was not a low budget item, the seafood was so fresh and offered a wide variety.


1. Tanah Lot Temple

This stunning temple was engulfed by the ocean at high tide, but as the tide receded,  it offered a sandy walkway to the temple stairs.

All in all Bali was an amazing trip. A place that must be on your travel list if you crave adventure and discovery.

Happy Travels!






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