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Is Charging your GoPro a issue?

Posted on May 01 2016

Capturing your adventures should be easy. Charging your GoPro shouldn’t interfere with your adventure at all. A story on how Travler solved GoPro the easy access charging issue by changing case materials.

I cannot tell you how many times we have been in at a concert, out longboarding or walking the city and I lose a charge on my Black Hero 3+.  The hard waterproof case that GoPro supplies you with didn’t fit my personal interests or activities.

We when we designed the Travler leather case, we built in an open window for access though the leather to the Mini SD card and USB Power Port.  Include that with our 40.5mm lens adapter for Hero and Interchangeable durable neck strap quick release system.

Each case is Made to Travel, Built for Adventure.


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