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Exploring Yellowstone National Park

Posted on May 09 2016

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park. The perfect place to make memories that last a lifetime. YNP is home to mountains, animals & the world's most unique collection of geysers. If your like most of the visitors to the park, your either flying into the nearest airport and shuttling in or driving from point A. That's where the adventure begins. Yellowstone is our adventure of the month. Old Faithful is the most well known feature in the park, but there's much more to see than just that! Below we will list out our four top places to go inside the park.

1. West Entrance

The West Entrance is filled with a beautiful history of the park's vibrant past. From local eats to comfort foods, W.Y. is the place to start off. 

Exploring Yellowstone with a GoPro

2. Grand Canyon

Located below Canyon Junction, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is a sight to see. Capture the crashing water from Lookout Point. 

Capturing Yellowstone National Park with your GoPro

3. Grand Prismatic Spring

Located in the Midway Geyser Basin, Grand Prismatic captures the hearts of thousands with its vivid colors and physical structure.  

Grand Prismatic Spring GoPro Capture

4. Lamar Valley - 

Located in the North East corner of YNP. Lamar Valley is home to a wide variety of animals, rivers and buttes. Buffalo frequent this valley in herds, grizzly bears and wolves can be seen crossing the roads (but not too often).

National Park GoPro Photos

Packing less is more these days. Carrying a DLSR or Video Camera for the weekend is the thing of the past. Your adventure should not be filled with complicated photo gear. Travlers minimal design is compact enough to throw in your bag and go. With Travlers convient strap, you can just throw your GoPro around your neck and go see all the wonders in Yellowstone National Park. 

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