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5 Inspiring GoPro Travlers To Follow on Instagram

Posted on November 05 2015

What inspires you to get out and capture the moment? We've compiled a list of a few interesting Travlers that push the boundary's of our everyday lifestyle. Below you will find a list of 5 people that use the GoPro to capture their lifestyle in unique ways. 

1. @BeachyKefer

A true american sweetheart. This free spirit can be found chasing adventure and sunshine riding on her Harley Davidson. Kristin has an eye for a good adventure, and she makes sure to capture her moments with her GoPro. She has a passion for puppies that are beyond totes adorbs. Be sure to check her out.  

2. @Macaco_Das_Galaxias

If your into jumping out of planes, we got the right contact for you. Rodrigo is one bad ass dude. This guy does it all; skydiving, cross fit, and snowboarding while capturing it all on his GoPro. You can catch Rodrigo one day in Miami and the next in Brazil. Keep an eye on this travler for more action sport lifestyle posts. 

3. @Fedellomo

Let me tell you about our friend Fernanda. When she first contacted us we really had no idea what this girl was about. All we knew is that she loves photography and her GoPro, and that was good enough for us. Since then Fernanda has set sail for Australia to check out the gold coast. With her GoPro in hand capturing all her great moments,  were sure there are big things to come from this little gem.

4. @Biacorraleiro

This adventurer wastes no time with her GoPro. You can find our friend Beatriz cruising down the streets of Brazil with her furry friend Taz. She is unique, kind, and passionate about living life to the fullest. We chose Breatriz because she is well rounded and is not afraid to get out there. 

5. @Lauren_Parks_

Part time adventurer, full time entrepreneur. Lauren is on the pursuit to capture her extraordinary life. Whether she is designing her new line of bags or she is at the beach with her GoPro, Lauren makes it happen. We like how Lauren infuses passion into everything she does, especially business. 

Thanks for checking out our list of "5 Inspiring GoPro Travlers To Follow", we hope you're inspired by these innovative GoPro adventurers. Get out there and capture the moment.



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