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4 Exciting Places To Take Your GoPro

Posted on January 14 2016

Is your 2016 full of adventures? With the new year in full effect, and summer around the corner its time to dust off that GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 4 and get outdoors. From road trips to the mountains & layovers to the beach, we are sure that you'll have lots of time to capture the moments in between. We have compiled a short list of 4 awesome places to take your GoPro. 

The Beach

First on our list. Where the endless horizon creates a beautiful view. The beach is a prime location to bring your GoPro. Utilize both your waterproof case for when your catching waves and switch to your travel friendly leather case to capture the sunset or walk on the pier. Uncover what the beach has to offer. 

The Mountains

Whats life like at basecamp? Capture your ascent to the top filming the trail, exotic flowers and wild streams that follow. Who said getting to the top would be easy? Once you reach the top make sure your ready to capture breath taking views. Vast landscapes await your arrival.

The Forest

The secrecy of the forest has many of nooks and crannys to capture. The forest is deep and bountiful, there are things waiting to be captured. Bring your GoPro wrapped in Travler case and make sure you capture the most of it.

The Desert

The Desert is our last stop. This dry and cracked environment provides unique landscapes & animals just waiting to be captured. The desert is an endless blank canvas of detail, put the creativity back in your hands. Capture the unique and lonely landscape for a cool surprise. Now only if we can figure out where that mirage went. 


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