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Must Follow Dog GoPro Instagram Accounts

Posted on February 16 2016

The connection between man and beast just got even better. GoPro gives the user a chance to capture our furry friends from a whole new perspective. From GoPro attachments to dog selfies, the GoPro is pioneering the view from the dogs eyes. We have compiled a list of some awesome accounts you should check out now.

1. @TimTheToothNinja

Alaska GoPro Photos Travler Leather

This Alaskan ninja is more than "just" a dentist, he is the friend to an amazing pack of adventure dogs. When he isn't in the office cleaning or drilling, he can be found chasing Northern lights and living in the wild Alaska with his dogs.

2. @AtomThePug

Atom The Pug GoPro Photos

Don't let his size fool you. Atom the pug has a big hankering for adventure. Plus he does it with style and class. You can see him driving around town looking for something to put his paws on. Follow Atom for more fun GoPro shots.

3. @CallOfTheWildCanineServices

Dog training with your GoPro

Not all that wander are lost. A fine story of a girl and her humble walking dogs, capturing the in between moments with their GoPro. With so many friends, there is always something unique to capture.

4. @GoProGirl 

Hiking with your dog and GoPro

Just a girl, her pup and a GoPro. Kelly is on a solo mission to explore the world from a tent. From the crashing end of a waterfall to the summit of a peak, Kelly has a fun account to watch.

5. @Alemonteiro84

SUP with your GoPro

Then there is Ale and Albert Monteiro from Brazil. These S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddle boarding) athletes love to dip their paws into the ocean or the pool. Check out these GoPro enthusiasts with an emphasis in lifestyle and adventure blogging.

6. @FindMeOutside

Deep snow with your GoPro

From the backyard to the back country Elena and Rio are having a blast capturing the moment. This pack can be seen at the red rocks of southern Utah to the deep powder of Canada. This amazing friendship is captured behind the lens of the GoPro. 

7. @BreezeTurner

Stand Up Paddle boarding In California

Paddler and dog lover. When this dynamic duo Breeze and Marley aren't in the office they can be found taking over the clear waters of Tahoe. 

8. @beaulafrenchie

Capturing Cute French Bulldog with your GoPro

For the next beast, let's travel across the pond. This Frenchie likes the usual things... Walking, food, sniffing, and GoPro shots. 

9. @BeSomeDoggy

Capturing Photos of your Dog with GoPro

If a cool community page of Dogs and GoPro isn't enough to get your dog-fix, then you might be reading the wrong blog. Inspiring adventures with your dog and GoPro, #BeSomeDoggy is wrangling up the best photos of dogs captured with the Hero from around the world.

That's it! Thanks for taking the time to read through our list of Dog GoPro Instagram Accounts. Please feel free to comment your favorite account in the comments below.


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