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Islamic extremists | Encyclopedia Nipponica - Japan Knowledge Year spent a banker in London was the al-Qaeda hostage Cold and cloudless was the Sahara of the night. Steven Ma Gone was looking at the stars lying down on his back. I pulled up the blankets until the tip of the chin, follow a constellation that was learned in childhood in South Africa (titles omitted). And [Is not life the best of the holiday], Stephen think. [If he now, (international terrorist organization) If not al-Qaeda hostage] This is the thing of the beginning of this year. From Steven was a banker in London are taken hostage, had entered the other th year. In the accommodating of the camp, the wants to sleep in the open air even in winter was only Steven. But it had opened a spacious ground around, day-to-day life is limited to the very narrow] world, had become a repetition of the everyday boilerplate]. In the morning, get up before sunrise. I for prayer of the Muslim dawn. Along with the kidnappers our hostages fellow Johann and extremists, kneeling on the sand. After taking a breakfast of bread and milk powder, Steven us hostage if also to return to sleep, it was also to take exercise.