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Islamic extremists | Encyclopedia Nipponica - Japan Knowledge The ultimate goal of Al Qaeda? While watching the very sad news is flowing, simple question has occurred. Terrorist organization called al Qaeda, will quit the terror After finally What happened? Such as Chechnya independent of [Ah ~ independently'm purposes. I wish I will be rewarded by an independent. ] As you think, do you want to do is al-Qaeda? Such as in its original Iraq war [], it is vaguely understood because anti-American, but more than that I do not know well. Thank you. The newspaper has been introduced as the Islamic fundamentalist organization Arukaida. Start by solving the misunderstanding on this point. Yo long (laughs) The Islamic fundamentalism, was intended to be originally, is translated Islamic revival movement. Since it would be troublesome even to various commentary, When the fairly rough briefly described, Islamic revival movement itself, the strict precepts of Islam If the life defended, Allah's blessings can be obtained. Just say, you do not just exercise that trying to do life with an emphasis on faith.